Live Long In Your Home.

Custodia helps seniors and their families manage
their home and yard so they can live better.

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Custodia® Senior Helpers

Manage Your Home

Seniors get a free, customized plan
to help them manage their home.

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Custodia® Senior Helpers

Helping You Help Mom

Families need support to help them
help their loved ones at home.

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Custodia® Senior Helpers

Exclusively for Seniors

Use one number to get everything you need for your home at the best prices with guaranteed service.

Automated and Proactive

Everything happens according to the plan. Time, date, and work with no hassle and no surprises.

Managing Your Home

Your home management plan is affordable and customized to you and your home.

We love our customers


"I'm extremely pleased with their knowledge, courtesy and they listen to me"

What does your Custodia Helper do?

Lawn and garden
Home repairs
Snow removal
Odd jobs

Hugh in Etobicoke

"Thank you so much for the help you give, I really appreciate it"

What does your Custodia Helper do?

Cleaning the house
Taking the garbage out
Keeping up the yard
Doing the laundry
Running Errands

June in Etobicoke

"When I call, they are always there when I need them."

What does your Custodia Helper do?

Keeping up the garden
Mowing the lawn
Snow removal 
Technology help
Online shopping
Running errands

Custodia® Senior Helpers

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