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Seniors Helper Service

Our Seniors Helpers make life more enjoyable at home by spending quality time to help seniors get things done.

We are the best helpers for seniors and provide affordable, consistent service both inside and outside of your home.

Seniors Helper Sevice

From $27.00

Your Helper is neat, tidy, polite, handy, and has been trained to work exclusively for Seniors. You make the to-do list and they will get it done. Preparing mealsCutting the lawnShovelling snowDoing the laundryHelping in the gardenOrganizing...

Help With Holiday Decorations


Need some help setting up before and cleaning up after the holidays?  Your Seniors Helper will come by for a few hours before and after the holidays to help. We can...

Handyman Visit


A Custodia approved Handyman will come to your home if you're over 60 years of age to help you fix just about anything. Just choose how many hours you need...

Home Cleaning and Odd Jobs

From $29.00

A friendly and reliable helper who will be there regularly to keep the house clean and fresh as often as you wish.  You must be over 60 years of age...

Snow Removal for Seniors

From $50.00

Custodia Snow Removal will keep your home free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter.  Custodia provides a reliable residential snow removal service. Our on-call flat-rate coverage includes the steps, walkways and landing shovelling required...

Window Cleaning Service

From $99.00

Are your windows dirty?  We can help you clean them and let more light inside!  We can clean inside and outside on 1-2 story homes and inside in apartments and...

Running Errands


Does a senior you know need someone to run around town and do some errands for them?  We can help!  Our insured Seniors Helpers can help you do just about...

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

From $89.00

Clogged gutters can cause water damage and leaking around the roof of the home. Custodia offers a no mess, safety first gutter cleaning service that will collect and dispose of...