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Handyman Visit

A Custodia approved Handyman will come to your home if you're over 60 years of age to help you fix just about anything.

Just choose how many hours you need below and order now.  We will be in touch within a few minutes to book your appointment.

We offer quality work, the best prices and give you a work order outlining the project costs and timeline before we get started.

All work is guaranteed for one full year and we can give fast quotes for small jobs.  For larger projects we are be happy to provide a free consultation and a quotation of work. Time is rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour after the first hour and if we finish early, your handyman will be pleased to perform any additional task you wish.

At Custodia, there are no hidden fees and payment for services can be made by cash, cheque, visa or master card.  We charge for any materials and time spent buying them.

  24 reviews

Melanie in Mississauga

"I'm extremely pleased with their knowledge, courtesy and they listen to me"

What does your Helper do?

Lawn and garden
Home repairs
Snow removal
Odd jobs

Hugh in Etobicoke

"Thank you so much for the help you give, it makes it possible to stay at home"

What does your Helper do?

Cleaning the house
Taking the garbage out
Cutting the lawn
Maintaining the hedges
Running Errands

June in Etobicoke

"Punctual and hard working and easy to get along with."

What does your Helper do?

Help in the Garden
Mowing the Lawn
Snow Removal 
Technology Help
Online Shopping
Running Errands