Snow Removal for Seniors

Custodia Snow Removal will keep your home free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter.  Custodia provides a reliable residential snow removal service. Our on-call flat-rate coverage includes the steps, walkways and landing shovelling required to ensure your safety all winter long. 

Shovel Stairs to doorway
Doorway landing
Front Walkway
Driveway Plowing
Automatically done when snow reaches 5cm of accumulation

    This is an on-call service or it can be automated at 5cm of snow accumulation.  Customers can call Custodia to order snow removal as needed or get it automatically when 5 cm has accumulated.

    Free Consultation

    We come to your home and look it over with you.

    Timely Completion

    We work hard and do it right the first time.

    We guarantee our work

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all work provided.