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We are Seniors Helpers

Custodia is here to help seniors live a more enjoyable life at home.

About Custodia

Custodia is a seniors support company that was built to help seniors live more enjoyable lives at home. 

We work exclusively with adults over 60 years of age and specialize in the areas of general seniors assistance, home and yard maintenance, handyman service, and community support.

Custodia opened in June 2018 when our Founder, Geoff Whitlock, needed support for his mother in Stratford, Ontario. Living in Toronto, all he could do was search Google and hope for the best.   

He searched, called, got quotes, and helped in-person when it was possible to drive the 5-hour turnaround.

This took up a lot of time and it was difficult to find reputable people, who were affordable and available, to help.

Geoff dreamed of one number he or his mom could call to get anything she needed, when she needed it. A seniors support service that adapted to her needs at the time and stage of life.

That's how Custodia was born; a secret formula that mixes customer experience, respect for our elders, health and wellness, new technologies, and good old handyman knowhow.

If you have any questions, you can call us at 1-833-410-4357, or email us at