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How to Add Freshener To Your Dishwasher

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Custodia will leave the dishwasher fresh and clean

Your local Custodia handyman service has the magic touch when it comes to leaving things fresh. Custodia will add dishwasher freshener whenever it's needed to ensure a clean smelling dishwasher all year around.  When you add freshener and clean the dishwasher filters, it's like you have a new dishwasher all the time!

Materials Needed

Dishwasher freshener
Wash cloth

How to add freshener to a dishwasher

If you don't use Custodia, there are some great YouTube videos to help you add freshener to your dishwasher on your own.  You don't necessarily need a handyman service, property management company or a home maintenance company to do this one!  If you want to, you can always join Custodia today.

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