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Check and Replace Light Bulbs around the home

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Who else has left a lightbulb out for over a week just because you didn't feel like changing it?

Keeping lightbulbs tight and bright makes your home look better and it's safer to get around. It's easy to forget a bulb in the hallway or garage.  Custodia will check them and make sure they are all working and will provide energy efficient lightbulbs as needed.

Tools Needed

Materials Needed

Short step ladder Appropriate Light Bulbs
Screwdriver set

How to change your household light bulbs

There are some great YouTube videos to help you change your household light bulbs.  Some of them are not as easy to change as you might think!  If you're having trouble, not to worry, Custodia will make sure all your lightbulbs work in your home each time we visit.

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