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Use the list below to customize your seniors assistance and home management plan, or call us, 1-833-410-4357. 

HSP Aging in Place Icon
Aging in Place

HSP Appliances and Utilities IconAppliances & Utilities

HSP Attic Icon
Attic & Insulation

Aging in Place Assessment to help folks who want to stay at home
Inspect/Empty House Vacuum Containers
Inspect Attic Insulation
Additional Help around the house each time we visit
Inspect Maintain Fridge and Stove
Inspect Attic For Animals or disturbances
Assisted mobility tool maintenance
Inspect and Maintain the Washer and Dryer
Operate/Cover/Uncover Attic Ventilation Fan
Accessibility set up and maintenance
Clean turn on/off inspect and clean humidifier
Transportation to important appointments
Inspect and empty dehumidifier
Help with grocery shopping
Clean dryer vent and housing
Help finding services
Inspect and Clean Coffee Maker
Test garage door and it's auto-reverse feature


HSP Balcony and Exterior
& Windows

Basement Foundation and Draining Icon
Basement & Draining

HSP Bathroom Icon
In the Bathroom

Clean up and maintain condo balcony space
Inspect foundation for cracks and water leakage
Inspect tighten and maintain toilet
Window washing inside and out where possible
Inspect your basement or crawl space for leaks, moisture, termites, and wood rot
Operate/Lubricate Bath Ventilation Fans
Test / Clean and Maintain Sump Pump
Inspect/repair/clean, sink tub and shower caulking
Inspect, repair and clean grout In shower
Inspect/Clean Drains
Inspect/Clean Faucet Aerators
Remove shower heads and clean sediment


Carpets and Flooring IconCarpets & Flooring

HSP Deck and Patio Icon
Deck & Patio

HSP Fireplace and Chimney IconFireplace & Chimney

Trim any loose threads on carpets and rugs
Clean and repair deck/patio as needed
Test Gas Fireplace(s)
Polish any scuffs in hardwood
Clean and Set Up BBQ
Fireplace Maintenance & Service
Sweep and mop main floors
Patio Furniture Set Up / Store Away
Chimney Service  

HSP Funiture and Shelving IconFurniture & Shelving

HSP Heating and Air IconHeating & Air

HSP Home Protection Icon
Home Protection

Tighten screws in furniture
Inspect and clean furnace filters
Test smoke/CO detectors/security system
Mount and/or Tighten Shelving
Clean furnace vents and air return vents
Check/service fire extinguishers
Checking and maintaining heating system
Inspect and repair exterior video cameras and motion lights and/or motion sensors
Service Air Conditioning System


HSP Kitchen Icon
In the Kitchen

HSP Lawn and Garden Icon
Lawn & Garden

HSP Lights, Plugs and Switches Icon
Light, Plugs & Switches

Add Freshener To Refrigerator
Sweep/Shovel the front entrance, step and walkway
Check/Replace Light Bulbs inside home
Inspect/Repair Counter Caulking
General Lawn and Garden Clean up
Ensure Power Bars and Extension cords safely stowed and working
Add Freshener To Dishwasher
Inspect hose bibs
Ensure all outlets and switches are safe and working
Scrub counters, clean sinks
Clean out window wells of debris
Inspect/replace all exterior lighting
Clean range hood filters
Turn On/off Exterior Water/Attach detach Hoses
Clean dishwasher filters
Water all plants outside home
Clean/Sharpen Garbage Disposal
Cut the Grass


HSP Pet and Plants Icon
Pets & Plants

HSP Pool Icon

HSP Roof and Exterior Icon
Roof, Gutters& Exterior

Water all plants inside home
Pool opening and closing
Regularly check for leaks, ice dams and icicles
Feed, pet and chit chat with the pets
Pool maintenance
Inspect and repair exterior caulking
Clean up pet spaces like litter and backyard
Pool deck cleaning and sweeping
Check driveway/pavement for cracks and fill if possible
Inspect roofing for damage, leaks, etc - report anything to homeowner
Inspect and maintain exterior facing on house
Checking/Cleaning Gutters & Downspouts
Power Wash the outside of the house


HSP Smart Home Icon
The Smart Home

Trees and Bushes
Trees and Bushes

HSP Walls and Painting Icon
Walls and Painting

Check to see your internet as fast as it can be. Restart DSL Modems
Clear dead plants/shrubs from the house
Exterior Paint Touchups
Optimize and Schedule Smart Thermostat
Inspect and trim branches in contact with house
Inspect for paint scuffs, worn patches and scratches
Remind to change sensitive internet passwords
Maintain Wood Piles or Sensitive Trees

Repair small holes and imperfections

Set Up Google Home or Amazon Echo, General Q&A
Maintain Smart Security Systems


Water and Plumbing IconWater & Plumbing

HSP Windows and Doors Icon
Windows & doors

HSP General Maintenance Icon
General Maintenance

Operate All Interior Water Shut Off Valves
Inspect and lubricate sliding door tracks
General Handyman Service
Test your water heater pressure relief valve
Operate and test all windows/doors
Managing subscriber privacy
Inspect all faucets, toilets for leaks
Inspect and repair the seals on windows and doors
Emergency House Calls
Drain 1/2 Gallon From Water Heater - Full drain if dirty
Service and lubricate doors/hinges/locks/deadbolts
Odd jobs as directed by member
Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces
Install/remove prep, repair window/door screens
Cleaning up around the house
Water Sprinkler Shutdown/Turn on
Check/clean window glass/screens
Organizing around the house
Check and maintain water softener, add salt if needed
Check/Replace drinking water filters - filters not included

As we grow and as things change around the home, Custodia will be there with new and updated services to help you live a better life in your home. 


Custodia Seniors Support