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Inspect and Maintain a Refrigerator and Stove

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Your Fridge and Stove may need some love. When was the last time?

Every year or so you should inspect and maintain your fridge and stove electronics, hinges, drawers and racks. Simply tightening a screw or cleaning a wire could save you thousands.  Custodia home maintenance plans help to maintain your fridge and stove so they last longer and work more efficiently.

Tools Needed

Materials Needed

Screwdriver Kit Electrical Tape
Utility Knife  Work Cloth
Appliance Dolly Spay Cleaner
Flashlight Appliance Lightbulbs

Do it yourself fridge and stove maintenance

Here are some great videos to help you service and maintain your fridge and stove on your own if you want to.   If you want Custodia to do it for you, sign up for a seniors support plan today.

How to maintain your fridge, stove and freezer


Maintain your Gas Stove


Maintain your Residential Refrigerator 


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