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Fall Maintenance Packages

It's that time of year again and it's time to book your fall maintenance package today.  Your Lawn and Garden Pro will help you prepare your yard and gardens for the long winter ahead.  From edging the gardens, clearing dead plants, tying and wrapping trees, and so much more. 

Enter 'Fall Cleanup' at checkout to  save $25 on your fall maintenance package.


Seniors Fall Maintenance


Enter 'Fall Cleanup' in the discount code at checkout  and get $25 off your fall Home and Yard Maintenance Package.  Custodia fall maintenance packages start at $189, (Regular $214).

We will make the perfect package for you, here are some ideas from our other customers.


  1. Lawn and garden bed raking
  2. Lawn mowing, edging, trimming
  3. Out of season plant removal
  4. Winter plant trimming
  5. Garden bed edging and digging
  6. Complete lawn cleanup and hard surface sweep
  7. Leaf and debris removal
  8. Proper disposal of garden debris using biodegradable bags


    Your insured and screened Custodia Lawn and Garden Pro will come to your home at a scheduled time to perform your custom fall maintenance plan.  A typical fall maintenance visit lasts about 4 hours at your home.

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    Lawn and garden
    Home repairs
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    What does your Helper do?

    Cleaning the house
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    What does your Helper do?

    Help in the Garden
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