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Helping seniors clean their eavestroughs in the fall

If you have trees around your home, it's best to get your eaves cleaned after all the leaves have fell.  You can book now and we will come by as soon as your trees have shed most of their leaves.  We will then clean and wash your gutters and downspouts in preparation for winter.


Gutter and Downspout Cleaning for Seniors

Clogged gutters can cause water damage and leaking around the roof of the home.  Custodia offers a no mess, safety first gutter cleaning service that will collect and dispose of all of the gutter cleaning waste and ensure there are no clogs in the downspouts.

  • Professional service
  • Up to two stories high
  • All equipment
  • Insurance
  • On time with great prices

Linda in Stratford

"I contacted the people at Custodia to get assistance digging flower beds at my new house. They arrived the next day. Their work was excellent and I would highly recommend them."

Martin in Stratford

"I needed help finding a new furnace and air conditioner and Custodia helped me over the phone for free! We had a call with them and the sales person and had the furnace in within 2 days. They even got us 7 months free with the energy company."