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Movie Night!

We love going to the movies and are the perfect companion to take a senior you know to the theatre or to bring a movie and popcorn to their home.  Simple and fun, the Custodia Movie night will put a smile on anyone's face.

You choose the style of film
We bring it over or pick you up
Popcorn and movie included

  2 reviews

    Melanie in Mississauga

    "I'm extremely pleased with their knowledge, courtesy and they listen to me"

    What does your Helper do?

    Lawn and garden
    Home repairs
    Snow removal
    Odd jobs

    Hugh in Etobicoke

    "Thank you so much for the help you give, it makes it possible to stay at home"

    What does your Helper do?

    Cleaning the house
    Taking the garbage out
    Cutting the lawn
    Maintaining the hedges
    Running Errands

    June in Etobicoke

    "Punctual and hard working and easy to get along with."

    What does your Helper do?

    Help in the Garden
    Mowing the Lawn
    Snow Removal 
    Technology Help
    Online Shopping
    Running Errands