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We help Seniors complete odd jobs around the house

Sometimes you have a list of things that need to be looked after.  Most of our customers have things they need done each and every month.  Sign up for our odd jobs service and we will be there one time or any time to help you get things done and keep your home safe and enjoyable.


Seniors Odd Jobs Service

At Custodia, we help you do all of the little stuff that builds up over time.  Our members have asked us to help with thousands of different tasks both inside and outside the home.  You can make a list for your Custodia Home Pro and they will come and help you get it all done in one visit or recurring visits.

Our members make the list, and we do the work.  Odd jobs visits typically last 2 hours each time we visit.

  • Fix a light
  • Hang a blind
  • Install a grab bar
  • Fix the deck
  • Organize the closet
  • Change the lightbulbs
  • Clean the house
  • Plan some shrubs

You can enjoy a one-time visit or you can subscribe to our recurring odd jobs visits and schedule a weekly or monthly visit with your home pro.

Linda in Stratford

"I contacted the people at Custodia to get assistance digging flower beds at my new house. They arrived the next day. Their work was excellent and I would highly recommend them."

Martin in Stratford

"I needed help finding a new furnace and air conditioner and Custodia helped me over the phone for free! We had a call with them and the sales person and had the furnace in within 2 days. They even got us 7 months free with the energy company."