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Snow Removal Service

Our customers need reliable and save snow removal services that show up on time and get the job done right.  That's why Custodia has partnered with the best snow removal companies in all of the areas we serve.  Get peace of mind by signing up for a seasonal subscription and automate your snow removal.

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Seasonal Snow Removal

Custodia Snow Removal will keep your home free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter, Custodia provides a reliable residential snow removal service. Our flat-rate coverage includes the walkways and porch shovelling and the salting required to ensure your safety all winter long. 

Custodia works with 3 CM Seasonal Subscriptions.  Whenever it snows 3 CM or more, our snow crews will be there overnight to clean it up.

  • Subscription Active November 15th to March 31st
  • Professional Truck Plow
  • Front Walk Snow Blow
  • Side Walk Snow Blow
  • Salt Walkways where necessary

Prices are for November 15th through March  31st and are seasonal.  There are no hidden costs.  The Custodia Snow Pro will come when it snows.

Linda in Stratford

"I contacted the people at Custodia to get assistance digging flower beds at my new house. They arrived the next day. Their work was excellent and I would highly recommend them."

Martin in Stratford

"I needed help finding a new furnace and air conditioner and Custodia helped me over the phone for free! We had a call with them and the sales person and had the furnace in within 2 days. They even got us 7 months free with the energy company."